Saltwater Rolls Bad Kissingen

The saline-containing air and a health-promoting micro-climate throughout the year make the “Meditrina”- saltwater rolls a popular attraction in Bad Kissingen for the prevention – alleviation and treatment of all respiratory diseases as well as the preservation and enhancement of general health.
Halotherapy, which has already internationally proved its worth numerous times, has finally reached Bad Kissingen, Germany’s most famous spa and health center (according to Emnid).

The method stands for deeper and freer breathing, for better sleep, for an anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract, sinuses and mucous membranes and for a better focus and performance in general.

Already after 6-12 applications, many visitors could already see significant improvements in asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, inflammation of the throat, nose and ears and also accordingly reduce their need for medication. However, visits to saltwater rolls can also, in the most comfortable way, strengthen the immune system and effectively reduce the susceptibility to cold and infectious diseases.

There are no side effects or interactions associated with the visit to the saltwater rolls. Therefore, the visit and the stay in the saltwater rolls are certainly not only healthy, but also completely uncomplicated and affordable as well.

No annoying dressing and changing of clothes required.

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