Company Mission Statement

Company Mission Statement


With Franconian warmth in a family atmosphere
Feel good in the Apart-Hotel Hohenzollern

We are a family business and tradition is very important to us!

Our motivation is to inspire you! It is of great importance to us to make you feel comfortable during your stay. You may ask yourself how we do that? A flat hierarchy, a very positive working atmosphere as well as mutual respect and responsibility are the results of our home policy. This means that all employees absolutely identify with our house and prepare some relaxing hours for you..

Our image of humanity is characterised by appreciation and empathy in contact with our guests. Visions and basic values together form the framework for all decisions and actions.

With good quality we want to turn our guests into enthusiastic fans!

Quality means that our guests come back!
We maintain an open and cooperative dialogue so that our guests are 100% satisfied.
We attach great importance to qualified and motivated employees who enjoy their work.
Trust – Loyalty – Reliability – Commitment to people – Diligence – characterise the relationship between the house and the guests.
Our willingness to be flexible makes it possible to respond directly to customer requests.
We welcome people of all generations.
With our offer and services we follow the needs of our guests.
Consistent adjustment to fit our guests’ desires is a challenge and a chance to develop further.

Every guest is welcome!

We bring appreciation to every guest!

We consider the individual wishes and needs of our guests.

We create an atmosphere in which our guests can feel safe and comfortable.

“Every guest, as a unique personality,
is worth out commitment to him with all our
powers and opportunities!”